“ILETTE” Brand Company has been founded in Moldova in 2003, providing sewing wedding and evening dresses services.

Over the years of work, it deserved the attention of clients from all over the world, thanks to the high standard of quality and a big variety of models.

The idea of creating “ILETTE” brand comes from a little girl’s dream, being part of a big family. During the Soviet Union times, there were no possibilities for dreams to become real both from financial and religious reasons, but also political ones.
However, her passion to create something beautiful was so strong that it turned into a hobby and professionalism. The aim was to make women and girls happy and boost their confidence in their beauty. A big “Thank you” was the best encouragement and motivation for Miss Galina who created a big company later on. This company is considered one of the most successful and famous companies with a local entrepreneur from the Republic of Moldova, offering its clients the security and trust of having a long-lasting and blessed partnership.

Now „ILETTE” company has both a complex history as well as a huge experience in making textile products. The desire to create something beautiful and contribute to the wellfare of the population and surrounding nature has been transmitted from generation to generation.
Being aware that the light industry is a branch which has an effect on air pollution, they have also founded another company „GREENSTONE” which looks after nature by planting trees and bushes to protect the population’s health.This company’s employeesfeel safe because they know well their bosses.
At the moment, this is a well-knownfamily business, whose members are united and one of the other activities we are doing is helping needy people financially.

Supporting us, you take part in the support which we are offering to our country and you monitor andimprove together with us the world environment.